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Mac or Windows

Touchstat VB works great on Mac OS 10.9 or greater and Windows 7 or greater. No need for an internet connection to teach or scout.

Import StatCrew (or something else)

You and your opponent's SID are already doing stats. Have them give you the StatCrew file. 15 minutes later, you are looking at rotation tapes. No need to pay and train someone. If your conference uses something else for stats, we will make a converter for it as well.

Synced Action to Save You Time

10 minutes after syncing serves, you can watch all the kills from #15 or all the digs and passes by the libero. On your couch. With a beverage in your hand.

Learn and Teach with Video

With a powerful, but simple search, the ability to take notes that are shown as captions, and custom flagging of clips, you can make comments for your players or staff backed by the power of video.

Conference Video Exchange

View your own match video right after it is uploaded. View future opponents video minutes after the conference deadline. Works on slower home connections so you don't have to be in the office. Everything is automated. Tell us the matches you want and we put them on your computers.

Hire a DOVO who Stats at Night

It's nice to be able to see rotations a few minutes after the match. It's REALLY nice to have someone else do the work. While you sleep, our DOVOs will sync, evaluate serve receive, and shot chart all the attacks. Wake up refreshed and ready to make your team better, or prepare for your next match. All for far less than it would cost to hire and train a part time staffer.

Pricing Options

$475per year per school*
  • Mac & Windows
  • Automated Download
  • Available Minutes after Upload
  • Works on Home Internet
  • Staff Gets Video at Same Time
  • *Entire Conference Must Participate

$299 per year*
  • One TS VB Pro LIcense
  • Sync to StatCrew & DVW
  • Playset Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Visual Shot Charting
  • Powerful Export
  • Integrated Stats

*Additional Staff $99 each

$1,599per year*
  • One TS VB Pro License
  • Video Synced Overnight
  • Receive & All Attacks Charted
  • Easy to Read Shot Charts
  • Auto Video Upload
  • All Your Matches
  • 25 Opponent Matches
  • TS & DVW Files Included

*StatCrew required.

$2,099 per year per school*
  • TS VB Pro Program License
  • DOVO Services
  • Awesome Video Exchange
  • All Conference Matches
  • 12 Non-Conference Scouts
  • All Post Season Scouts
  • Phone Support
  • Priority Scouting

*80% participation needed
Includes staff wide license
Includes DOVO & Exchange

Feature Details

Hundreds of hours of video are shot every season for your team. Games, scrimmages, practices. But it's a total drag to actually watch that video and do something useful with it. Colleges with big budgets solve this problem by hiring a full-time stats taker who knows expensive, hard to learn software.

Introducing TouchStat VB for Mac OSX or Windows. A powerful yet intuitive application for watching video synced with actions from matches or practice. View any imaginable combination of athletes, skills and results.

Using our free iOS app during a game or practice. You can create a file that time-stamps every contact during an event with athlete name, skill, and even rating. Just video the event without stopping the camera. Afterwards, you can sync the mobile app file with video very quickly. If you prefer, you can easily tag everything as you watch the video afterwards (even rotations). You can filter to an athlete, their skills, and even the rating of that skill and watch each contact instantly.

TSVB has automated settings that allow you to export videos for each of your athletes with one click. All the dead time, time outs, delays in practice ... stripped out. Condense a two hour practice into a 5 minute movie for each player with just a few clicks. They only watch what you need them to. Attach notes to video clips for your athletes to see as captions. Ultrafast rendering even allows you to combine regular and slow motion repeats of clips into one condensed video with your notes.
Most programs can’t afford to have someone on the bench typing stats to sync with video. Even if you can, training someone every year or two is a huge headache (epecially if they don't speak Italian).

Welcome to TouchStat VB Pro. All the features of TouchStat VB with amazing additional features.

Take advantage of resources your school and your opponents already have. Pro syncs all the stats entered by your SID into StatCrew. Walk away from your match able to watch all your rallies, attacks, receives, digs, blocks, points and errors grouped by rotation in minutes. Now, programs with limited budgets get someone taking stats “on the bench”.

TSVB Pro imports Statcrew, DVW, and other common files and easily syncs with your match or scout video. Using simple keyboard commands and clicks of your mouse, rate serve receive, label sets, and insert attack zones all synced perfectly to the video. When you are done, export easy to read attack charts by rotation or player. Watch all your lost rallys by rotation... Watch your upcoming opponents first ball kills to zone 5...

Export scouting videos with your notes for your players in seconds that they will actually watch. Find, filter and sort by an endless combination and a very simple interface that anyone can get comfortable with in minutes (hint, the paper and pencil loving head coach).

Interactice Stats is a game changer for previewing opponents. Filter by athlete, skill, rotation, or result. Click ANY stat and watch all the related clips. No mess or fuss.

Even if you have a competent coder, imagine how much they will love being able to import a StatCrew or paritally done DVW file and using familar commands, add ratings for recieve, or chart sets and attack zones.

Imagine having someone working the night you finish playing to analyze your match. Starting with your StatCrew file, we first sync all rotations, attacks, recieves, serves, etc so you can watch that first if you want. Then, we rate receive and chart the attacks so you can scout your opponents thuroughly. Wake up and watch everything you need without wasting time. If you have a fulltime DOVO who is an expert at video analysis, you might not need this, but most of us have better things to do (like sleepor spend time with our families).
Conference content
Finally, conference exchange done right. Video is stored in the cloud, but we offer a sophisticated PC or Mac application. No one has to keep checking a web site to see if video is ready. Leave TS Exchange running on any of your devices that you want to watch matches on. Our app downloads pieces of the video as it is uploaded and unlocks it as soon as conference rules allow. Simply pick the matches you want (like next weeks opponents) and we get it for you. Because our app downloads in small chunks, even a slower home connection will have the video ready for you soon after the video is finished uploading from the host school.
We will be offering advanced statistical analysis that actually makes sense and helps you win rallies. Stand by for more information.

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